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                          Clean Room Door

                          The clean room door is suitable for cleaning workshops, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, etc. where there are clean requirements. The door body mold is integrally formed without gaps and corrosion resistance.
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                          Technical data:

                          Door leaf

                          50mm thick,0.8mm G.I. Steel

                          Filling material:Honeycomb core

                          Seal:All-round EPDM weather seal  rubber

                          Door frame

                          Sheet thickness 1.2mm G.I.

                          Seal:All-round EPDM weather seal  rubber

                          Surface finish

                          Electric static powder coating with epoxy rich paint


                          4*4*3mm stainless steel  hinge


                          Any color in RAL color system

                          Structure diagram:

                          clean room door diagram

                          1.Door body:

                          A.The surface is electrostatically sprayed and can also be made of 304 stainless steel for better corrosion resistance.

                          B.The steel door frame and door panel are all made by joints. There is no seam, no solder joints and no dead ends.

                          clean room door

                          3.Vision window:Special double layer safety tempered glass. It is complete flush with the surface of door leaf, to avoid dust accumulation and make it easy for cleaning. Inside is filled with silica-gel desiccant, to avoid  condensation of moisture and dew on the panel.

                          clean room door window

                          4.Leveler handle lockset(304 stainless steel):

                          clean room door lock

                          5.Bottom auto seal rubber:It will automatically retract up and down to eliminate the gap between door leaf and ground floor, to avoid dust entering room.

                          clean room door seal

                          6.Color:We can customize all RAL colors for you.


                          7.Opening direction:

                          opening direction

                          video center


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