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                          Industrial Folding Door

                          Industrial folding door is often used when the top of the door and the space on both sides are insufficient. It applicated to not only small workshops , warehouses, garages, etc., but also to the ships, industrial enterprises, ports, and large-scale scientific research bases.
                          Max dimension W25m* H9m
                          Power supply 220V/380V,50/60HZ
                          Wind-resistence 10-12級(24-38m/s)
                          color Standard,white  blue can be customized

                          1.Main structure:The folding door can be manually opened, and the door structure is simple and flexible. Excellent wind resistance and durability.


                          1.Door panel:The door body adopts a hidden frame design.The door panel can be steel or aluminium alloy.Buit-in framework of the door panel is 2.0mm cold-galvanized steel.Ensure higher stength of the door.


                          2.Hinge connection:The connection between the door panel and the hinge adopts the design of embedded rivet nuts,and the connecting hardware on the door body all adopts the embedded

                          2. Electric type:

                          (1)Small folding door with a width of <5m

                          (2)Large folding door (top chain drive or wire rope drive)

                          industrial folding door industrial folding door motor

                          3.Two ways of bearing:

                          folding door Hanging rail and wheel           folding door under load wheel

                          4.Panel material:Steel frame with buckle edge (high sealing) special edging door frame, 50mm, 75mm, 10mm foam door panel, polyurethane foam door panel or rock wool door panel, steel plate thickness 0.5mm, the middle of the door panel according to the specific size Increase the resistance to wind.

                          sliding door panel material

                          5.Lighting window:can choose tempered glass, sunlight board, PC endurance board, laminated glass and its transparent materials

                          lighting window

                          6. Accessories:

                          accessories of folding door       

                          7.Sealing part: EPDM rubber or brush

                          EPDM rubber         brush

                          Video display

                           video center


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