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                          Sliding Hangar Door

                          Sliding hangar Door is specially designed for hangars of civil or military airports and aircraft factories. It can horizontally move between the top and bottom tracks. There are single, double and multi panels, which can be installed indoor or outdoor according to the actual surroundings. Hangar Door has various forms, specifications and panels.
                          • YUOU-Sliding hangar

                          Technical Data:

                          Applicable door opening W100m*H22m
                          Reserved size on the upper edge of the hole ≥1000
                          Reserved size on the side of the hole ≥door leaf width+500
                          Working voltage frequency 380V/50HZ
                           Motor Power n×1.5-3W(n is the number of the door leafs)
                          Running speed ~0.17m/s
                          Door thickness 200-530
                          Adapt to temperature -40°C~50°C
                          Wind pressure resistance 650N/m?2;
                          Sound insulation 23db
                          K K≤0.8W.m?2;.K

                          Structure diagram:

                          Sliding hangar door diagram

                          1.Door panel:

                          A.Corrugated steel plate:0.5-0.8mm,powder coated galvanized steel,good anti corrosive performance and easy to install.

                          B.PU sandwich panel:0.4mm double layer painted steel.Filled with environmental friendly PU foam.Very good heat preservation and noise insulation.

                          C.Polycarbonate panel:Very good daylighting performance and better thermal insulation performance.

                          2.Steel Structure:

                          A.Professional mechanical analysis of steel structure.

                          B.All materials are hot galvanized.Excellent corrosion resistance.

                          C.All joints shall be fully welded or bolted with high strength.


                          3.Guide rails:Ground rail,18-24kg .Top guide rail,150mm-250mm H-Shaped steel.


                           4.Wheels.Bottom bearing wheel:Conical design,wheels will adjust the position automatically.Top guide rail:Special cylindrical design,the wheels could move up and down to adapt the possible deformation of the door.


                          5.Motor and controller:"SIEMENS" brand motor with clutch.Variable frequency drive system to realize slow start and stop.


                          6.Safety photo sensor and alarm light:

                          photo sensor

                          7.Limit switch:Photo sensor limit switch to control running limit.More reliable and durable.

                          limit sensor1

                          Video display

                           video center


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