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                          Steel Fire Roller Shutter Door

                          Steel fire proof roller shutter door's fire limit is greater than 3h.Widely used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, underground garages and other public places divided into fire zones.It has better wind resistance.
                          • YUOU-Steel fire shutter

                          • YUOU

                          Technical Data:

                          Fire resistance  ≥3h
                          Power A380V V 50HZ ,control power DC24V
                          Wind pressure 50kp-66kp(30m/s)
                          Unexposed surface temperature ≤154℃
                          Weight 3.5kg/sqm
                          runing speed 2m/min-7.5m/min
                          Curtain Smoke leakage ≤0.12m?3;/(sqm/min)
                          Motor Power 0.25KW-0.75KW Power: AC380V, 50HZ
                          Open way Electric/manual chain
                          Maximum size 8m*8m
                          Infilling Aluminum silicate cotton
                          Certification Chinese CCC

                          Structure diagram:It use the special fire motor,and the control box connect to the fire protection system of the building.Special production materials make it fire and smoke prevention.

                          steel fire shutter diagram

                          1.Certification:Fire shutter door is authorized by China national fire evaluation center, according to GB14102-2005 standard.

                          steel fire shutter certification

                          2.Slats:The door panel is made of double-layer 0.8mm thick galvanized steel plate, and  filled with 10mm aluminum silicate fireproof cotton, which has the function of fireproof and temperature insulation.

                          steel fire shutter slats

                          3.Guid rail:The track adopts a 1.5mm thick galvanized steel rail. The rail is internally covered with a smoke-proof sealing strip, which is heated to expand and isolate smoke and heat.

                          steel fire shutter rail     

                          4.Motor and controller:The motor and controller are fireproof and have CCCF certification issued by China National Fire Protection Center. It can be linked with a fire sensor or a fire bus.

                          steel fire shutter motor

                          5.Optional devices:Temperature release device,smoke detector,temperature detector.

                          steel-fire-door detector

                          6.Hood cover box:1.0mm galvanized steel.

                          steel-fire-door cover box

                          Video display

                           video center


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